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One of my absolute favorite things to do is travel! I love being places I've never been, seeing things I never thought I would see, and having all-new adventures. So far, I have toured 6 different countries, and a whole lot of states, but my list of where I want to go is WAYYYYYY longer. Here's just a little over view of the different countries I've been to. I'll do a post on my travels to each one a little later... 
The first country I visited (other than the U.S. of course) was Canada. I went there when I was pretty small, but here's a picture from when I visited not too long ago - Montreal was adorable, you really felt like you were in Europe! 

I was inspired by the language, so I bought this shirt! Montreal - September 2016
After visiting Canada for the first time, my next new destination was England. Still haven't found a country better than that one yet! I'll be doing TONS of posts England in the future... It's the absolute best place in the world! 
Mini me (pink striped sweater) and my family in front of the National Gallery in London - August 2014
Just this summer I went on the trip of a lifetime to France, Spain, and Denmark. All three countries were so amazing! 
France was the first place I visited - it has such a beautiful coast, and I love the cathedrals! 
Mont Saint Michel - like the most amazing place I've ever seen! 
Spain, wow! The Mediterranean was even more beautiful than I thought it would be. The only part I saw of Spain was a bit of Catalonia, but it was gorgeous! 
Driving a canal boat in Empuria Brava was definitely one of my highlights from Spain. 
Denmark - I love this country so much. There were so many adorable places to discover here! I can't wait to go back:) 
Split between 2 oceans at the tippy top of Jutland

So that's all the places I've been so far, I hope you enjoyed just a little glimpse of my travels. I can't wait to see where I'll go next! 
See you on my next post,
~ Lauren


  1. Whoa, this was the first time I saw your blog and I love it! Especially the photos of your travels and your list of 101 things.... I'd like to try doing some of them myself now.


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