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My 'Mane' Friend

Meet Harry, literally the sweetest pony on the entire earth - isn't that just about the most darling face you've ever seen? I met this little dear in July of 2017 and fell in love at first sight. If you ever met him, I guarantee you would too. 

 Harry belongs to my sweet friend Noel (be sure to check out her beautiful blog). For the past few months she's let me work with her lovely pony, take riding lessons with him, and even be in a show! I've learned so much from both Noel and Harry - it's really been an experience like no other.  If you ever get the chance to work with a horse, be sure to take it - you won't regret it! There's nothing like the feeling of flying up a hill on a horse with the wind in your hair... 

Dear Harry has taught me so much about life and riding, I don't know what I would do without him. He really is just the sweetest! Riding horses, I've discovered, is all about patience. Not exactly patience for the horse (I barely needed …

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