I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

So the other day my mom came home with these three little pine trees and promptly announced we were going to have a photoshoot. Who would have thought to use these trees other than my mom, I don't know. We had so much fun taking these photos - hope you enjoy them too! 

How adorable is my sister? Gotta love that smile:) 

My Christmas wasn't white, but it was wonderful anyway. Anytime friends and family gather has to be wonderful, right? I actually went hiking in the dunes by Lake Michigan. I mean, who goes to the beach on Christmas? I do, I guess... 
So much looking forward to New Year's Eve tomorrow. I'm having a party with my very best friends. (same as every year.. but I always say "don't mess with perfection")
I'll be sharing my highlights from 2018 and my goals for 2019 soon! But for now, Happy Happy New Year (and merry late Christmas!) 

See you on my next post!
~ Lauren


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